iRunner Challenge 2022 December powered by Huawei

Rules of the Contest

1. The “iRunner Challenge 2022 December powered by Huawei” Contest is organized by the Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science of the Belarusian State University (“BSU”).
2. By starting to participate in the Contest, the participant undertakes to comply with these rules. For non-compliance with the rules, the participant may be disqualified.
3. School students, undergraduate and graduate students, and other citizens of the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, the Republic of Belarus, Georgia, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Tajikistan, and the Republic of Uzbekistan as well as persons permanently residing in these states are allowed to participate. If there is a conflict of interest, persons directly affiliated with BSU, the Customer (Organizer) may be excluded from participation.
4. Registration is open until the end of the Contest. When registering, the participant must enter their personal data in English on the website: first and last name, citizenship or permanent residence country, educational institution, course or class (if any), and also an email address by which BSU and the Customer (Organizer) can contact the participant about the Contest.
5. Participation in the Contest is remote. Pre-qualifying registration and participation are free and do not require the purchase of any services or products.
6. The start of the Contest is December 12, 2022 at 08:00 (UTC+0). The deadline for submitting solutions is December 18, 2022 at 17:00 (UTC+0).
7. Participants can use the following programming languages for submitted solutions: C++, Java, Kotlin, Python, C#, Pascal.
8. The participant is allowed to submit no more than two solutions within 10 minutes, but no more than 500 solutions in total. The maximum file size for a single solution is 65,536 bytes.
9. After submission, a solution is tested on the set of test cases and scores points according to the scoring rules.
10. Participants are sorted in descending order by the number of points of the last solution. The latest solution that passed the test cases from the problem statement is considered to be the last solution of the participant. In case of equal number of points, participants share the same place.
11. The Jury has the right to retest any solutions submitted by participants any number of times.
12. Participants can ask questions regarding the problem statement in the testing system. Questions not related to the Contest will not be considered.
13. In case of unforeseen failures of the testing system, the Jury has the right to prolong the Contest. In this case, all participants will be notified via messages in the testing system.
14. After the end of the Contest, the Jury may change the set of test cases (add closed test cases) and retest some of the solutions submitted by participants. All such actions as well as the method of selecting solutions will be described in detail in the problem statement in advance. The participant is aware that the standings may change after the end of the Contest.
15. After the final testing, all contenders for awards (that is, participants who scored no less points than the participant at the 30th place) must provide to BSU, the Customer (Organizer) their final solutions with detailed comments to the code in English as soon as possible (within six days, no later than December 24, 2022). BSU, the Customer (Organizer) have the right to ask participants for additional explanations for the solutions provided by them. Participants who do not provide solutions on time without a valid (in the opinion of the Organizing Committee) reason are excluded from the list of contenders for awards.
16. Thirty participants will receive awards in accordance with their places. If some places from 1st to 30th are shared by two or more participants, the Jury has the right to rank the participants according to additional criteria at the discretion of the Jury.
The two participants with the maximum number of points will be recognized as having taken 1st place and will receive an award in the amount of the equivalent of 2,000 (two thousand) United States dollars.
Four participants ranked from 3rd to 6th will receive an award in the amount of the equivalent of 1,200 (one thousand two hundred) United States dollars.
Six participants ranked from 7th to 12th will receive an award in the amount of the equivalent of 800 (eight hundred) United States dollars.
Eighteen participants ranked from 13th to 30th will receive an incentive award in the amount of the equivalent of 200 (two hundred) United States dollars.
The amount of the award does not include the amount of applicable taxes, mandatory fees and deductions to the budget, bank commissions and other mandatory payments, and expenses when transferring the amount of the award in a non-cash manner using the bank details provided by the participant.
The award cannot be paid in cash, to the bank account of a third party (except in the case of payment of the award to a minor participant to the bank account of their legal representative) or in other equivalent at the request of the participant.
The payment of the award is made by the Customer (Organizer) or a legal entity authorized by them.
17. The procedure of payment of awards will be announced after the end of the Contest.
18. The participant guarantees that they will not infringe any rights of third parties, including copyrights and other intellectual property rights. Until the end of the Contest, the participant is prohibited from discussing solution ideas and sharing their solutions with anyone else as well as publishing their solutions and solution ideas in the public domain. The Jury has the right to disqualify a participant whose solutions have undoubted signs of plagiarism.
19. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to check the eligibility of any participant. The participant undertakes to behave ethically towards other participants, BSU, the Customer (Organizer), and other persons, not to allow insults and slander towards anyone. The Organizing Committee has the right to disqualify a participant if their behavior is contrary to the competitive spirit or is aimed at undermining the course of the Contest or destabilizing of the testing system.
20. If necessary, the Organizing Committee has the right to make changes and clarifications to these rules. At the same time, the Organizing Committee will strive to minimize the consequences of such changes for participants. Participants will be notified about all significant changes in the rules via messages in the testing system.
21. Disputes not covered by these rules are resolved by the Organizing Committee. Decisions made in such situations are final and not subject to appeal.
22. By registering, the participant gives their consent to BSU and the Customer (Organizer) to process their personal data specified in the registration form and other personal data provided by the participant to BSU during the Contest. Such processing of personal data is carried out in order for BSU to comply with the current legislation, to provide participants with access to the testing system, to send awards to the winners of the Contest, to fill applications with the tax authorities and to pay taxes in relation to the winners of the Contest, to post information, including names, photos, and biographies of participants and winners of the Contest, on the website of BSU, to provide feedback to participants, and to provide information, mailing lists, and job offers by the specified email address. The consent is granted for a period of 3 (three) years.
The participant also gives their termless and unconditional consent to grant BSU and the Customer (Organizer) a gratuitous non-exclusive license to use the results of problem solutions and other solutions of the Contest provided by the participant, by reproducing, making available to the public, distributing and modifying, including the right to publish such results, to accompany them with comments and other materials, to include them in complex or compositional works, throughout the duration of the exclusive rights on appropriation of the results and throughout the world.